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What separates the Wonder Jar from other packaging options? These PET plastic Kilner jars are lightweight, and resistant to breakage so that your product gets to your customers in one piece. The jars are an ideal packaging option for cosmetics, toiletry items, and food items such as candy, dried fruits, pastas, cereals and more. The jars come in different sizes ranging from five to seventeen ounces. The Wonder Jar comes in three different styles including circle, square, and pyramid shapes. The product is available by the case, or by the pallet.

Round Containers

Square Containers

Pyramid Containers

From Cookies to Coins…It’s Fresh and It’s Dry

The Wonder Jar is the answer to so many storage needs, when exposure to air or moisture is harmful to your storage inventory. The Wonder Jar is an ancestor of the Kilner jar and it’s variation, the French Kilner jar. The best part is that the Wonder Jar is manufactures of durable plastic, not glass. So it is, virtually impervious to the normal bumps, cracking and breakage of similar glass storage systems.

The sealing and resealing system is simple and extremely effective at keeping contents dry and moisture free. They are available in a variety of sizes, so your storage spaces will remain efficient, your contents will stay fresh, resistant corrosion and be easy to store and organize. Wonder Jar will see to it.

Wonder Jars are affordable, versatile and lightweight, so shipping is less expensive. And because Wonder Jars are designed with flat stoppers, unlike the glass version of the “French Kilner”, so they are stackable and store in less space. No matter what the application, the Wonder Jar will fill the bill.

You pick the application, Wonder Jar is the answer.

  • Marine Galleys
  • Household Items
  • Home Kitchens
  • Garage Storage
  • Automobile
  • Beauty Suppllies
  • Candy
  • Powdered Potables
  • Chemicals
  • Collectibles